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Parents everywhere know and understand the struggle of the shoe department and tiny feet. Which shoes are the best options for growing feet? How can we trust that these shoes will not be uncomfortable or hinder foot development? Sometimes, this task can be daunting and stressful, but See Kai Run has met this parenting challenge with a solution. High-quality, comfortable footwear for your child’s foot development that is not only backed by podiatrist research, but meets fashion standards as well!

Children’s feet are NOT like adult feet-they move more often, and are very flexible. Doesn’t it make sense that your child’s back to school shoes should be flexible, too? See Kai Run created flexible shoes with a larger toe box, so that your child can not only move their foot comfortably, their toes can wiggle, too! The flexible shoe will also benefit your child’s development of proper balance, gait, and stride. They can go on amazing adventures fueled by imagination all day long, without having to worry about discomfort.

These shoes are flexible, not only to promote comfort, but so that muscles and tendons in the feet can be strengthened. The wide openings and secure closures make sure that these shoes slide on easily and stay on all day. These shoes are always working for your child’s foot health! The Oh Joy! is a unique collection featuring season-to-season comfort shoes for boys and girls. Their hook-and-loop straps and elastic bands ensure an easy on/easy off and great fit every single wear.

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The rubber at the toe of the shoe ensure extra protection for their little toes, while protecting the shoe, meaning this shoe will be able to keep up with your little one at school AND at play!

See Kai Run offers a wide variety of shoes for every occasion and every climate. Shoes from their Fall/Winter line range from every day wear, to weatherproof, so your child won’t be held back by those cold or wet days on the playground, and their feet will stay warm and dry.

Another great thing about See Kai Run? You can’t find these shoes anywhere else. The quality is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, and the patterns are unique to this specific company. See Kai Run is working for parents to make sure your little one’s feet are cared-for and growing properly, so you can just enjoy watching them grow throughout this next school year.

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