How We Apply Montessori at Home // 10 things I love, 2 things I don’t

How we apply Montessori at Home – 10 things I love about the Montessori philosophy and 2 things I don’t.

The Parenting Junkie will walk you through incorporating Montessori at home. In this video you’ll learn how we apply Montessori at home and applying Montessori at home with toddler. This works even if you have more than one child, you can do Montessori at home with kids. Since Montessori is not age segregated you can also do Montessori at home with young kids. This video will walk you through the Montessori principles at home and how to apply the Montessori philosophy at home. You can apply these principles of Montessori birth to age six. You’ll also get a look at our Montessori playroom, and some of the Montessori learning activities. Most of the Montessori materials are natural and this video will show you some of the Montessori learning materials. You’ll also see various Montessori at home activities, and ways to apply Montessori at home with a toddler.

0:39 – Follow the child
1:24 – Respect the absorbent mind – hold the early years sacred
2:16 – Attune to sensitive periods
3:44 – Freedom – design yes spaces, freedom to be indoors or outdoors, child friendly spaces
4:51 – Hands on learning
5:57 – Practical life learning
7:21 – Cater your space to children
8:20 – Do not interrupt children’s work
9:44 – Setup play prompts (Strews!)
12:07 – Toys with control of error

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